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I am a moments-based photographer. (Most would call my style “Lifestyle Photography.") I really believe that when my clients look at their wedding album, they should be able to recall and relive moments just by looking at their images.

My work is contextual and photojournalistic in approach. My team and I don’t just create super-artistic portraits of the wedding party – We look to capture moments that express movement, big human emotions and make you feel things.

I love finding joy in the little things, and I always hope people can see that through my work and while they’re working with me. I’m grateful to have worked with amazing people during my career as a Sacramento photographer, and I hope to continue working with the best people.

If you’re a fun-loving and down to earth couple/person that loves to laugh, let’s chat. My team and I would love to work with you.

About Lolita

Aside from my passion for people photography, my interests are super broad! I play multiple instruments and hold a bachelors degree in Music Education. (I also taught high school band and choir for 6 years.) I love to stand up paddle board and canoe, and I used to march in a drum corps in The Bay Area. I enjoy gardening and I’m a Trekkie. I know how to build websites using Drupal and WordPress and I’m obsessed with my cats. My husband and I like visiting Disneyland and Puerto Rico on a regular basis and very much enjoy date nights wandering around Costco on quiet weeknights. My favorite item of clothing is my pair of rainbow cat pants and I wear them whenever I can. Life is good, man.

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