Pocket Squares 101

The struggle is REAL.

If someone were to ask me what groomsmen spent most of their time on right before the wedding, I wouldn’t say it’s toasting and celebrating with the groom, or even helping with other day-of details.

Real talk: A lot of groomsmen (and grooms) spend A LOT of time trying to figure out how to fold their pocket squares.

Though this sounds super ridiculous, it’s completely true. In fact, there were at least 2 wedding appointments I serviced where the groomsmen spent at least an hour on how to fold that tiny little piece of fabric that sits neatly in the front pocket of their jacket. Who knew this would be so difficult!

Why are pocket squares so important? Similar to the accessories bridesmaids wear to compliment their dresses, the pocket square is a way to express the different personalities and look of each groomsman. They also provide an additional pop of color to the suit ensemble! They can either be worn identical to each other, or differently depending on how the groomsman chooses to fold their square.

A lot of times, pocket squares come neatly packed away in a small plastic bag attached to the rented suit and they’re forgotten about until the day of the wedding. Once it’s time to fold and put it into the jacket pocket, that’s when the amusing circumstance begins! Don’t get me wrong, it’s hilarious to take photos of what’s happening. But it totally stresses some people out (because you don’t want it to look weird) and the ordeal can go on for forever …and ever.

Here are some quick tips and a YouTube video that can help make folding pocket squares a painless part of any wedding day.

  1. Lightly use spray starch and an iron to remove and creases that have been acquired while the square was in its packaging. If possible have everyone do this prior to the day of the wedding. Or assign a groomsman to iron and starch all/most of them. A good day to collect all squares would be the night before, during the rehearsal dinner.
  2. Watch this YouTube video to learn how to fold some simple styles of square folding. Or assign a groomsman to watch the video and learn a few ways to fold squares, then do a quick tutorial on how to do it the day of. Those pictures will end up being really fun to see in your wedding album!
  3. Use a flat fold or a fold with a few points in it for more formal events. Consider a puff fold or something less traditional for less formal events. (Less traditional = The folds that look like large flowers)
  4. Pre-folding Tip: Try not to match the pocket square with the tie exactly. The two accessories should compliment each other, but not exactly match. Some grooms choose a main wedding color for the tie and a secondary color from the wedding for the pocket square.

Easy-peasy. You’re welcome.