Unplug Your Ceremony!

I was in more than one conversation this week on the topic of having an unplugged wedding. In my opinion, having a completely unplugged wedding can be a bit restrictive for your guests – BUT having an unplugged CEREMONY can become a super romantic, ultra exclusive part of your day.

Nowadays, most of your guests whip out their cell phones and cameras, extending their limbs while trying to get “the best shot” of what’s going on. (The best shots actually should come from your paid professionals. ::wink::) Imagine, looking at your wedding photos and seeing your guests smiling – sometimes crying …bawling – and completely immersed in watching you walk down the aisle, and in you and your fiancĂ© exchanging vows and becoming a married couple. 

Here are a few reads that I’ve found useful and often forward to brides to help them coordinate an unplugged ceremony. 

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